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We Welcome Your Child to a World of Imagination, Curiosity, Creativity and Wonder!

At Ginger Blue, we wish to celebrate Childhood and FOSTER UNIIQUENESS IN EVERY CHILD.

The foundation of Ginger blue is its unique amalgamation of our tailor-made programs, magical-interactive environments combined with hands on educational learning approach. Our International curriculum offers an excellent preparation of personalized education. We strive to offer your Child an unparalleled first academic educational experience.

The foundation of Ginger Blue is the environment we create within our physical buildings. You'll discover that it is virtually impossible for a child to develop to their full potential in traditional Single-room pre-school programs. We have embraced the challenge of bringing the environment to life by creating Unique Enrichment Centers (UEC) within our preschool. Literacy & Numeracy center, Art and craft center, Speech and drama center, Science andSensory Center and Pretend play Center are all created to facilitate our little learners with experiences that help promote their natural curiosity to actively learn in an environment that allows them to develop and grow at their own pace.

At Ginger Blue, our educational goal is to develop the Total-child.

To create Leaders of tomorrow who are imaginative, creative, and are confident and involved learners.
Our curriculum is based on international research that has looked into best practices in the world for early childhood education. We draw inspiration from Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) Australia. The curriculum is developed in collaboration with Education Changemakers Australia, The leading Australian company that works towards making a significant contribution to the education industry all over the world.

Ginger Blue's unique approach to Early Childhood Education offers children the space and encouragement to explore their creativity, Curiosity, and passions. Hence we at Ginger Blue tailor each of our programs to meet your Child's individual needs. By delivering inclusive, fun and interactive lessons, we ensure children enjoy the process of learning and benefit from the experiences and high standard of teaching that we offer.

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Child Psychology researches state that children of ages 0-6yrs have a very short attention span.

This has inspired us to create different Enrichment Centers within our Preschool. Each of our Enrichment Center's is designed to offer your child with a variety of fun activities, educational toys and new learning experiences, which will help, feed their imagination and encourage them to become independent learners.

The constant shift between active and passive activities will help the child to maintain his/her attention and keep them engaged at all levels of learning.

Admissions open for children who have completed 18 months in January of the year in which admission is sought.

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At Ginger Blue parent involvement is integral to our program. The collaboration of working with parents allows us to learn about children's early experiences, which in turn helps us plan for their learning curve.

Research suggests that parent participation in a child's preschool program is positively associated with social adjustment and school performance. With the increase of families where employment and other commitments reduce both, the time and the common experiences a child and parent share, parent-school coordinated initiatives are more important than ever before.

You are your child's first and most influential teacher, and it is our goal to establish a strong partnership with you to help understand your child and make the most of his or her days at school and to rightly support them to develop to their fullest potential.

Portfolio is a compilation of your child's "Learning Journey" with us. The Journal is created for each child and is unique records of a child's learning and development over time.

A child's Portfolio "Learning Journey" will be as individual as they are and this can only be achieved with parental involvement. The journal will provide a record of significant moments in a child's learning and development across all areas of learning, and provide a focus for sharing and discussing observations and stages of development with parents.

The process of creating the portfolio helps the teacher assess the Learning Inventory of each child and supports children's transitions as they progress to higher education.
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Intrested candidates can apply with an updated CV and a recent photograph to info@gingerblue.in
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Literacy & Numeracy room: “Tell me and I’ll forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I’ll understand.”- Benjamin Franklin Numbers and alphabets can be taught in many ways. Each approach to early childhood learning emphasizes on a particular method. But we allow the child to learn in his own way. Your child will interact with Numbers and Alphabets, even with words in a special way. The environment would allow them to pick up the literacy and numerical knowledge as they go along. We know that children learn and grow but not on the same day or in the same way. Active and passive lessons together bring the knowledge to them and the use of this knowledge in other rooms makes the learning complete and this is then learning for a lifetime.
Sensory & Science Room: Preschoolers are naturally curious about the world around them, which can lead to exciting and fun opportunities for learning in the preschool classroom. At Ginger Blue we have created a vibrant learning space, called Science & Sensory room, where children can explore learning through all of their senses. This special interactive space allows children to touch, see, taste, smell and hear in engaging lessons and simple to-do projects, that enhance their learning and help develop the sensory awareness of the world. Light table explorations, the pulley experiment, texture-walking trail are only a few of the many fun experiments that will enthrall your child.
Art & Craft Room: “The little hands of today will create a whole new world tomorrow.” It is inherent to the nature of the Child that they make and break things. The Art and Craft room has been specially created for these little creators. A room full of materials and mediums to build, draw, paint, color, cut, stick, join, assemble, mix and spray. Children are let unleashed in this colorful environment where their art and craft activities bring out their real personalities. In the Art & Craft room their imagination takes flight!
Pretend & Play Room: Imaginative play is a precursor of conceptual thought – in which possibilities are explored upon the inner stage of a childs imagination." – Erik Erikson. We have created an amazing space that is specially designed for our little learners. It enables your child explore a whole new world, where he can understand how things function, what are various professions and their roles and responsibilities. We have created settings that the child encounters on a day-to-day basis. Like a doctor’s Clinic, A Café, A Gas station and lot more…. The complete experience inspires children in becoming lifelong learners with an insatiable quest for exploring and learning.
Speech & Drama Room: The day your child spoke for the first time must have been the most exhilarating day in your life. In this room, we take away all the inhibitions of the Child and make him a confident speaker. The stage in this room is a wonderful place where children can express themselves in mediums and ways that they might not be able to do otherwise. Speech and Drama Centre aims to help each child to express themselves and explore various techniques of dramatics and public speaking.